Bsc csit in Nepal

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  • Amrit Bhandari

    Nice article! And thank you for the downloads!! Please add more!

    • Thank you!! Will surely do! 🙂

  • Aviyan Khadka

    can we do bsc physics first then add/do bsc CSIT next year ?

    • Yes with 1 year gap, you can have double degree..

  • Befun Stainly

    Hello there, first of all thank you for the info. I am a 12th grader studying management with computer as an optional subject. However, outside the academics I have been learning to make software for the past 4 years on my own. I have made few iOS games and apps, also I know JavaScript and some of its framework. I wanna have a certificate in the field which is only done by the academics. I looked at the syllabus of the TU for the CSIT course and it looked pretty easy for me. But here is the thing, I looked the entrance model questions and it made no sense to me(those physics and chemistry). So my question is Am I eligible to study the CSIT course? I even heard some college take the students of management discipline. If I am eligible, how do I prepare for the entrance. Any help will be appreciated. Please do reply. Thanks in advance.

    • BSc. Csit course you’ll need to be from Science faculty (phy or bio) from +2

  • Rohit

    I am a mgmt student from maths group
    can’t i join this course ??

    • No you need be from Science stream!